Top 5 Marvel Super Hero Arguments Fans Will Never Stop Having

Let’s list the top arguments of the Marvel comic fans which have been debated so far with 🙂

1. Is anyone more powerful than the Hulk?

If you’ve ever read superhero Marvel comics, you will surely find that Hulk is nothing when compared with many other “Tycoons.” But when made into a movie, Hulk strength was pushed up too high by Marvel and that many people had the feeling he had no rival.


Even Stan Lee, the father of superhero comics, has also stated that Hulk became too much stronger on the movies. This is a step backward because it will make the launch of another specific film for the Hulk becomes somewhat impossible.

2. How closely should movies be based on comic book stories?

Indeed, this is one of the most controversial issues ever when Marvel launches a new superhero movie. Those who prefer the classic, they insist that the film must be exactly like the story from the content to the facts, the knots, etc… Characters and their appearances also are the same as originals to guarantee the movies’ spirits.

However, other comments that if movies do exactly the same as the stories, you should buy books to read, no need to see the movies again. To appease this never-ending debate, the filmmakers are trying to keep a balance between changing and keeping the original scripts.

3. When should the Guardians Of The Galaxy team up with The Avengers?

Guardians of the Galaxy really brought a new feeling for the fans of the Marvel cinematic universe. There have been many fans cheered up at the sight of Thanos, greatest tycoon of the Marvel movie universe appeared in the film and many people began to dream scenes in that Guardians of the Galaxy go with the Avengers.


However, until the present time, apart from having a common rival – Thanos, the Marvel has not had an official communication about when the Guardians of the Galaxy could meet the Avengers. Therefore, this makes an incessant controversy for the fans of the Marvel.

4. Marvel Super Hero Movies should be funny and wild, or dark and grounded?

This controversy stems from a claim that the films of the superhero Marvel seem to become monotonous. The audience is slowly getting fed up of abused trick scenes, boring situations of “spirit buff” for the movie PG13.

Surely you’ve ever wondered why superheroes Marvel could fight to demolish the city, and that did not affect the public? Or have you ever chuckled and said that the Avengers must have the next win? Those make Marvel fans quite skeptical about the style of this cinematic universe; it must be changed.
If they remain the humor and style of filmmaking for teenagers (not with the misery of war and victory hinges, the glory of superheroes), surely Marvel will gradually lose the most loyal fans.

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5. Was the Mandarin performance in Iron Man 3 good enough?

The presence of Mandarin in Iron Man 3 is already causing quite a lot of controversies for those who had read the comic version about this character. In the story, Mandarin is a real villain with an incredible powerful ring.

But in the film version, this character is only as a minor character, a puppet guy was erected as a symbol of terrorist organizations. This character, in the end, also reveal as an old man … naughty was put into the film for humor only.

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