Meet The Staff

Dustin Christian, Owner/Operator/Editor/Comics God

dustin AboutThe first comics that Dustin remembers reading are Frank Miller’s Wolverine and Crisis on Infinite Earths. He’s never truly recovered from this. Besides a break in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, Dustin has been reading comics ever since, with differing degrees of obsessiveness. He is a shameless fan of the X-Men and Batman, no matter who’s writing them, and will someday forgive Grant Morrison. In recent years, his tastes have shifted more towards the independent and irreverent – his current favorite reads are The Boys, Walking Dead, and 100 Bullets.
Dustin is also a freelance writer, editor, and proofreader. If you would like to hire him, discuss comics, the meaning of life, why bees can fly in defiance of the laws of physics, or the air-speed velocity of swallows laden or un, you can reach him by a variety of methods:
e-mail (probably your most reliable option): [email protected]
Skype: Crackerbob404
AIM: Crackerbob404
Yahoo!: [email protected]
Twitter: DustinChristian
Facebook: Dustin E Christian
City of Heroes players can find Dustin on the Champion server with the global handle @Crackalacka

You can also find Dustin writing about being a Geeky Father at Daddy Geek

AJ Tardive, Writer/Rock God/Legend In His Own Mind

aj AboutIf Princess Leia, a Griffon, and the word “awesome” produced a child, that offspring would be eighteen percent less attractive than AJ (but have forty percent more eyes).
Born in the firey pits of a long forgotten world that looked suspiciously like New Jersey, AJ has spent the ensuing eons traveling the cosmos, putting right what once went wrong, hoping his next leap would be the leap home. Some of his less notable achievments include killing Hitler, inventing the Pope Mobile, and helping Tupac fake his own death. When AJ isn’t busy Reinventing Axl Rose, he likes to read comic books, write lengthy rants while excessively using commas, and have gratuitous amounts of sex. He enjoys music, crime movies, and the word cunt. His name is Legion, and he is many.
AJ is also in an indie punk band called Blame the City! Check them out at www.myspace.com/blamethecity.
Requests for weddings, bar or bat mitzvahs, sweet sixteens, retirement parties, or oral sex should be sent to [email protected]

Andrew “Midknight” Lau, Whipping Boy

andrew AboutAndrew “Midknight” Lau exists and occasionally proves this by popping his head out from the wilds of California, but he couldn’t be bothered to write a bio.
Expect Dustin to periodically update this with embarrassing facts about Andrew as time permits.

For example:

Andrew’s mother and father are actually the same person (she’s a hermaphrodite!)
Andrew has a framed photograph of Jeph Loeb signed ”Thanks for an unforgettable night in Fresno. xoxo, Jephy”
Andrew once went to a gay bar to pick up a guy, but picked up a cross dressing women instead. She beat him up and stole his clothes.